Sabrina the Teenage Witch Poster

Recently I designed this poster for a friend’s birthday. Many moons ago, when we were in school, we were big fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There was an ad that ran on Nickelodeon with the chant “Sabrina, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. All day, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.” So using a quote from each of the main characters and that chant I made a poster for her inspired by our love of the show and that ad! Permanent link to this post (76 words, 1 image, estimated 18 secs reading time)

Folk tale Lenore illustrations

This was an illustration project based around a folk tale. I chose one called “Lenore” based on the Edgar Allen Poe tale of “The Raven”. This was a project I greatly enjoyed as I could use simple graphic images with nice big thick black lines. I can’t actually find the story online any more but it must be out there somewhere… Permanent link to this post (62 words, 6 images, estimated 15 secs reading time)

Back through typographic time…

Going through my old hard drive I stumbled upon my very old college work.I didn’t really find my feet, design wise, until I reached late third year and fourth year. So looking back on some of my projects from before that is a little cringe worthy!There are one or two interesting pieces I managed to put forward though. I believe this project was about typography and Dublin. I wasn’t a particularly inspired art student at times. Permanent link to this post (77 words, 1 image, estimated 18 secs reading time)

Welcome to my World

As an image making project this was the first photographic project I really felt like I owned. Finally in fourth year I began to understand what makes me tick as photographer – of sorts. I love to over emphasis the ambient light to the cool/warm boundaries.This was a biographical project which allowed me to step inside my good friend, Paddy’s life. The full project and the background can be found on my Flickr. Permanent link to this post (74 words, 1 image, estimated 18 secs reading time)


“Bruss” was my response to the ISTD project in 2007/2008. The project aims were to create a typographic ‘celebration’ of language in its local and in the vernacular of a particular region. The inspiration was an article written by my father and his brother about words they remembered from their childhood that have now fallen out of usage called “Mid-Carlow Words of the Nineteen Fifties”.I used this project to indulge my love of printing, namely copperplate and screen printing. The large uncial letters have been embossed using copperplate and the text then was screen printed on top. It was a...

The Penguins

The Penguin book covers that follow were a response to a self directed project in my final year in college. The brief was as follows: A large publisher is commissioning the production of 6 book covers for a collection of books in a limited edition set. The books are of very different and unusual subjects, but must show the unity of design for the purposes of being part of the collection. Permanent link to this post (72 words, 3 images, estimated 17 secs reading time)

Baron von Eissman’s Ice-cream

This was a response to a design brief in which the goal was to create a concept ice-cream line that would incorporate reusable containers. Given the name of “Baron van Eissman’s Flavours of the World” I developed a container that was shaped like a large matchbox. Thus the boxes could be reused as storage containers that are stackable. As there were no flavours stipulated – half the fun was thinking of new exciting flavours! Permanent link to this post (75 words, 1 image, estimated 18 secs reading time)

A resurrection…

This blog has been dead for quite some time, reflecting how I abandoned the design world myself.It’s now been two years since I finished my degree in Visual Communications, and two years that I have worked in the museum world. I seem to have reached a point where I can contemplate a return to art and design, and hope to derive some enjoyment from it. So here’s hoping! Permanent link to this post (69 words, estimated 17 secs reading time)