100wikidays 4 to 9

The past five days have gone by very quickly, and although I am only a little over a week doing this challenge I have already started to dream about writing articles. Mostly it still centres around my worry that my articles will be flagged for deletion – or even worse, speedy deletion! This has yet to happen thankfully. This is a preview of 100wikidays 4 to 9. Read the full post (1110 words, 1 image, estimated 4:26 mins reading time)

Science Calling Podcast – Episode One

I was delighted to be asked to take part in the very first Science Calling Podcast. You’ll hear me talking about my previous museum work, my PhD, Wikipedia editing, and Dublin PubhD (which is on tonight!). Permanent link to this post (37 words, estimated 9 secs reading time)

100wikidays – the beginning of an open autoethnography

As part of my exploration of what it means to be a Wikipedian, I have embarked on the #100wikidays challenge to write one article on Wikipedia every day for 100 days. It is part of broadening my experience of what it means to be an active Wikipedian but also, as my father pointed out, an indication of my status as a glutton for punishment. As my editing interests border some of the lines of notability, or at least I worry they do, creating so many new articles makes me quietly panic that half of them will be deleted. This is...