Having worked in the Natural History Museum in Dublin for a number of years, and completing a Masters dissertation researching museums as stores of institutional collective memory, I finally ended up starting a PhD. My research is exploring how the use of curation has changed, and the development of a term citizen curator. So you can take my description of myself as a curator as ironic or not.

Apart from that I’m one of the founders of the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub, and a forum to get PhD students to explain their research in the pub. I am a founding member of Wikimedia Community Ireland, and this plays a huge role in my research.

I’m a collector of many things, some of which I share with the internets. I still dabble in design at times, mostly in print and typesetting. I have a particular interest in the Norwegian folklorist and natural historian Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, and in the history of science in Ireland, focusing on the role of women.


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