100wikidays 47 to 65?!

Martin, John - The Last Man - 1849

I can’t believe how much time has past since I last sat down to blog about my #100wikidays. Partly I’ve been quite busy working on my literature review and other PhD writing, and secondly there hasn’t been any new revelations in my editing. Although I do find myself learning new elements of editing on Wikipedia and have started in engage more with some groups through WikiProjects, I have largely slipped into a regular and rather uneventful pattern of editing. At this point, I thought I may have had to an article flagged for deletion, or come up against more interaction with fellow Wikipedians, but outside of a few “Thanks” for my edits, my articles have been published rather uneventfully. Given that female editors and female orientated content has a reputation for receiving a poor or even hostile reception, I am a little surprised, even perhaps slightly disappointed. It has made my editing feel a lot more of an isolating experience than I expected. I do have some interaction with fellow #100wikidays editors on the Facebook group, but other than liking each others posts and offering some words of support here and there, everything has moved along quite smoothly and quietly.

It makes me wonder if my experience is unique and somewhat of an outlier, or have the areas in which I have been editing just the quieter ones, where confrontation and criticism is more unusual. Also, have I been to conservative in my article choices? In being hyper-aware of the possibility of my contributions being deleted meant that I have chosen the articles with the highest possible survivability? Should I now get more adventurous and create articles on less “safe” topics, something a little more challenging perhaps? But that is not why I’m editing, I’m not looking for confrontation, just perhaps interaction. Do I need to get involved in the Village Pump and start diving into the conversations there? In all honestly they don’t really interest me that much, and may serve as more of a distraction than anything else.

I’m going to be attending Wikimania in Mexico City next week, and I know I’ve become a committed Wikipedian when I worried about writing my article before I head to the airport on Tuesday! I am hoping to start my interviews at Wikimania, or perhaps recruit a interviewees for later, so that might shake up my perspective a little. I might be in a little bit of an editing bubble, and need to talk to others to freshen my outlook on the whole experience.

Lately my articles have moved towards Irish women artists, this is due to me realising just how poor their coverage is! It started when I was shocked to find that Mary Swanzy didn’t have an article, perhaps one of the best known Irish artists of the early to mid 20th-century. And as they say, the rest is history. Using the Dictionary of Irish Biography as my primary resource, I have been filling in the gaps ever since. Mixed in there are some National Monuments and other cultural sites, for the days when a long or complicated biography were just not going to happen. These are the articles I have created since:

  1. Robert Bell (Irish geologist)
  2. Evelyn Gleeson
  3. Charles Bent Ball
  4. Mallow Castle Co. Cork.
  5. Threecastles Castle Co. Wicklow.
  6. Patrick Pollen stained glass artist.
  7. Milford Mills, County Carlow
  8. Mary Swanzy
  9. Edith Blake (1845–1926), botanical illustrator and writer, wife of Henry Arthur Blake.
  10. Catherine Isabella Osborne (1818–80), artist and patron.
  11. Letitia Bushe (c.1710–1757), watercolourist and miniature painter.
  12. Florence Ross (1870–1949), artist, cousin of John Millington Synge.
  13. Marianne-Caroline Hamilton (1777–1861), artist and memoirist, great-grandmother of Letitia Marion Hamilton.
  14. Mercy Hunter (1910–89), artist.
  15. Kathleen Fox (1880–1963), painter, enamellist, and stained-glass artist.
  16. Moyra Barry (1886–1960), artist.
  17. Kathleen Bridle (1897–1989), artist and art teacher.
  18. Grace Henry (1868–1953), painter.
  19. Piper’s Stones Co. Wicklow.

Wow almost 20 new articles, hard to believe that I will be finishing up this challenge in a little over a month. I already have plans as to how to keep up my editing, perhaps expanding an article every day, or at least making one edit a day for as long as possible. I’m aware that writing my PhD draft from October onwards will probably take away from any significant editing time, but I feel that remaining connected to this citizen curation will only benefit my overall work – that’s the hope anyway!